The Getting Started Guide

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This page provides a how-to guide for using your new phone number.

SMS conversations

Text messages are a first-class citizen here. This section demonstrates how to receive and reply to text messages to your virtual number.

Receiving an SMS

I'll use our public number as an example: +1 (512) 538-2009. Anyone I interact with can send a text message to this number.

image of a text message conversation with my virtual number. it reads "Hello are the pies back in stock? My family loves them but the last time i came by you were all sold out. Thank you.

When Telephony receives an SMS to a virtual number, it sends an email to the owner of the virtual number with the contents of the text message.

image of the email that was sent to the virtual phone number owner's email

Sending an SMS

It is possible to send SMS messages via email by sending an email from your telephony account's email address to [email protected].

image of the reply email that was sent back to app dot telephony dot cc

The subject will be ignored. The email's body will be used as the body of the text message.

image of the text message sent back to the original sender